5 Best NFL Players Of 2019

It’s never too early to Begin conversing about the 2019 NFL season. With a few players obviously in better rankings than other people to be successful, we’ve rated the subsequent 5 NFL players.

1. Antonio Brown wide receiver

Despite Brown’s play with all the Steelers, He’s one of the NFL’s most gifted players. The All-Pro broad out listed a league-high 15 touchdowns last year and has gained a leading 100 receiving yards per game over his past five attempts. Though this is brewed, Brown has been work out just like a warrior to maintain top physical form and supply his very best to a brand new golf club for 2019.

Antonio Brown wide receiver

2. Fletcher Cox, defensive attack

As a staple over the Eagles defense, Cox completed his last Season using a career-best 10.5 sacks along with a threatening amount of 24 quarterback strikes. His dominance over the area should continue because he’s primed to perform many franchises in 2019 with sketchy or youthful quarterbacks. Talk about a few salty offensive pairings to get Cox to sample.

3. Fletcher Cox

It requires a great effort to make a top 5 record from countless potential NFL players. However, there’s not anything to signify Brees chokes in 2019. He Finished last year with a 115.7 quarterback score and having finished 74.4 Percent of the moves — the two of which have been tops in the group.

Fletcher Cox

All the time he threw for 32 touchdowns versus just five interceptions. Quarterback is going to soon be surrounded with the majority of the exact same gift on offense since he was last year that primes him to get amazing victory in 2019.

4. Bobby Wagner

Wagner was rated the greatest at his place last season In accordance with Pro Football Emphasis. He’s flourishing and ought to be slated for yet another glorious season. This is particularly true since the four-time All-Pro is going to be pitted against a few exposed crimes in 2019. Interesting stuff.

Bobby Wagner

5. Saquon Barkley

Barkley lived up to every expectation and beyond as a rookie. He had been a gem to have fantasy football in his very first time after he listed a ridiculous 2,028 scrimmage yards and 15 touchdowns. With quarterback Eli Manning continued to battle, without any indicators of a reversal of command in the place at yet, Barkley should stay his quarterback’s favored dump-off candidate again this autumn.