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Rules and Safety
  • You must have a signed waiver before jumping
  • Jumpers must wear Air Trampoline Sports' trampoline socks when jumping
  • No lying down or sitting on trampolines
  • Do not grab any safety pads or safety netting
  • Do not jump close to others. Do not disturb the bounce of others.
  • No wrestling, racing, tackling, or shoving
  • Do not operate cell phones, cameras, or similar equipment on trampolines
  • No headshots while playing dodgeball
  • Do not kick the dodgeball
  • Jumpers must remove, sharp objects, and jewelry that might cause injury or tear trampoline mats (Pockets must be free from sharp objects as well)
  • No belt buckles, beads, or studs on clothing
  • Must wear a shirt at all times
  • No outside drinks or food permitted, unless special permission is granted by management
  • No silly string, confetti, or piñatas

Our custom trampoline arena system is designed to provide the safest jumping experience possible. It is mandatory that all jumpers abide by Air Trampoline Sports rules. Be safe and have fun jumping!

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