Safety is our #1 Priority!

  1. You must have a signed waiver before jumping

  2. Safety video must be viewed prior to your jump time

  3. Always listen to court monitor instruction

  4. One jumper per trampoline

  5. Staff may separate jumpers based on size

  6. Air socks are required on all trampoline surfaces

  7. No running, racing, tackling or wrestling

  8. Jumpers must remove sharp objects and jewelry

  9. Do not grab or hang from any safety pads or safety netting

  10. No lying down or sitting on the trampolines

  11. Do not operate cell phones, cameras, or similar equipment on the trampolines

  12. Jumpers must be properly clothed at all times

  13. Food and drinks are not permitted on the jumping platform

  14. No outside drinks or food permitted

  15. Park rules are not limited to the above list

Safety Video

Sign Waiver

We reserve the right to separate jumpers by size, based on capacity, for each jumper’s safety.

Our custom trampoline arena system is designed to provide the safest jumping experience possible. It is mandatory that all jumpers abide by Air Trampoline Sports rules. Be safe and have fun jumping!